Posted by: Dharma Beach Bum | January 5, 2014

I’m just a dreamer and sharks’ teeth are just a dream

People always ask me what I do with my fossil sharks’ teeth.

“Look at them. Feel them,” I answer.

The lamp on the right has been used. I picked it up at a yard sale and tried my best to clean it.

The lamp on the right has been used. I picked it up at a yard sale and tried my best to clean it.

“Well, where do you put them?”

“In the strangest places possible.”

Yeah, I’m weird. But I try to look at it from the bright side. If I were rich, I’d be considered eccentric.

Living in an area susceptible to tropical storms and hurricanes, it’s rather silly of me to fill the only two hurricane lamps I own with sharks’ teeth. What can I say? Using common sense isn’t my forte. So I’m weird and nonsensical. Great. That explains why I count shadows on the walls and why I have gargoyle bookends.

There are 2,000 sharks’ teeth in one of my lamps and over 1,600 in the other. I categorize my fossil finds according to condition and size and place them into vessels of all kinds.

The teeth in these lamps are what I’ve long called “shamers.” As in: “It’s a shame this tooth has a chip in it,” or, “It’s a shame that tooth is so worn.” These “shamers” range in size from three-eighths of an inch to 2 inches.

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  1. I love your post…the name you call the teeth in the lamps, and your passion.


    • Thanks so much Lorri. I love your work as well. I would recommend your site to my readers anytime, and I suggest right now that they surf over. I’m somewhat of a bird watcher and those photos and the quotes you chose to use with them in one of your latest posts were fantastic.

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